It symbolizes a swearing of an oath of obligation to put your lineage of being a Foundational Black American above your political views, religion, sexuality, age, etc....

A symbol of Black Economic Empowerment!!

Through OathMaker we're promoting unity and pride, but it will also act as an catalyst for Foundational Black Americans to start practicing National Group Economics and it starts with me.

65-70% of online will go to the New Black Media and it will be used to create an Economic Warchest to create black businesses.

Yes, prices are higher than other printed merchandise, competition keeps competitors prices around the same!

WE HAVE NO COMPETITION! Only ourselves... And that is not the reason why prices are as they are..

Time Is.

Not so fun fact 1: if things stay the same by 2053 the median wealth of Black people will be zero!

Not so fun fact 2: it would take 228yrs for the average black family to amass the same level of wealth the average white family holds in 2021!!!

The Owens initiative can close it within 10-15 yrs

*The Owens initiative has not been fully disclosed as of yet, this is the fuller phase or second phase..

1 phase, the Clarke phase, create a unifier, prep its launch.. via OathMaker.

2 phase, the Fuller phase, recruit, market and promote the unifier OathMaker, raise venture capital to start black group economics..

3 phase, the welsing phase, will be disclosed after the fuller phase is satisfied...

Time is of the essence..

We are not BLACK LIVES MATTER nor any other black group or organization, past or present, actually we're not a group or organization at all.

We are Foundational Black Americans, DOAS, descendants of American slaves from the killing fields of the American South or however you wish to describe yourself. We will act as National business partners bound by lineage moving in unison to tackle the economic issues Foundational Black Americans face today.

If you are non Foundational black American and wish to support, I encourage you to take a look at the non Foundational Black American merchandise.

We will do no begging!
We will do no marching!
We do no protesting!
We will not ask nobody to fix our problems!
We will not sit down at some meeting and talk and talk and talk, then talk a little more, then talk about what we talked about! No! No! No!

We're going to get off of our a$$es, we're going to block out all the distractions, pool our minds, our sweat and our resources and build our own way!!

I'm not going to rag on about what we don't have. I only encourage you to invest in what we do have!

The American spirit of capitalism is in our very being, so let's use it!!


"The blood and bodies of our ancestors is the fertilizer in the soil from which this nation grew.. ....and from that very soil will spring forth an Empowered Economic Juggernaut!"